We are a small firm with the core knowledge and expertise of a big four accountancy firm.

Choosing the right accountants can be a difficult decision to make. There are many firms to choose from, and most firms will be competent in delivering core accountancy services. So how do you differentiate between firms especially if you’ve never used such services before?

In our experience we have come across clients who’ve been promised much by a firm but they failed to deliver. In the worst cases we have seen clients badly advised to take up tax strategies that actually create problems for the client, which often leads to tax investigations and clients paying more because they adopted tax advice, which was either highly risky or unethical.

Often we have clients coming to us because the firm they were with did not have the expertise to provide advice upon business strategy or deal with highly complex tax affairs, or the firm was unable to deal with tax investigations by HMRC. The cost to the client we have seen is not only measured financially, but also the psychological stress that a client feels when their affairs are not looked after correctly.

Some of our clients who unfortunately experienced such scenarios have learned that cheap doesn’t always mean you will get the service you need, and that one should be highly cautious when firms claim they can eradicate one’s tax liability or transform a business overnight.

We always say there are a number of good firms out there. Each firm will have strengths and weaknesses. Therefore we advise clients to look at the capabilities of a firm to determine whether their capabilities match your needs. We also advise people to see how successful a firm is in achieving results for its clients.

Finally we say that once you have looked at the capabilities of the firm, its fee structure, accessibility and other standard criteria, one should get a feel of the firm’s culture and its people. Sometimes it will come down to your gut instinct, and if you get a good feeling about a firm then you will know whether they are right for you.

We invite you to meet us and if you like what you see, know you will be joining a firm that is distinguished by:

  • Deep knowledge and expertise in accountancy, tax and management consulting. Our firm was established in 1962 and we have been in business now for over 50 years. Over that time we have gained considerable knowledge in the fields of accountancy, tax and management consulting. But perhaps more importantly we have developed an insight in what it takes to run a successful firm and deliver a high level of service. Our people also have qualifications from top ranking universities, business schools and professional bodies.
  • We have proven that we can deliver successful results for our clients. We have devised and implemented creative tax strategies that mitigate our client’s tax liabilities, allowing our clients to sleep well at night! And we’ve helped clients grow successful businesses through a variety of approaches, comprising everything from implementing financial controls to securing investment capital, winning contracts for our clients, to formulating business strategies.
  • We strive to be at the forefront of our industry by adopting new technologies and ideas, which will enhance our client service. We can provide our clients everything from online accounting to advising about new technologies that can transform your business, such as sale and inventory systems to mobile commerce. We understand that we are living in an era of unprecedented change, and knowing how to utilise disruptive innovations is essential for both our firm’s and client’s success.

Our fees are competitive, and we judge our value by how we can enrich our clients. We offer a free consultation where you can find out more about our firm. Feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting:

Tel: 0121 440 4242

Finally, please have a look through some case studies of how we deliver for our clients.

We look forward to working with you!