Pharmacy Accounts – Medical Accountants

Pharmacies like the GP and dental sector is experiencing profound changes. The new pharmacy contract that was introduced in April 2005 sets out the vision for how pharmacy services will be delivered in the new NHS.

The contract aims to “bring about a high quality, patient-centred health service”. It aims to achieve this by restructuring pharmacy services according to the needs of patients by increasing the number of pharmacies, increasing out of hour services, and the use of electronic prescribing are just some of the initiatives detailed in the contract.

Our medical accountants work with your pharmacy to maximise profitability and service delivery, we:

  • Prepare pharmacy accounts, and analyse how the practice can optimise profitability and service delivery
  • Advise you about acquiring NHS contracts and acquiring the necessary accreditation to deliver Advanced and Essential Services – and in order to deliver Enhanced services, a contract must be negotiated with the Primary Care Trust (PCT)
  • Advise you about setting up as a limited company
  • Develop tax strategies to maximise profitability
  • Develop strategies to grow your pharmacy
  • Advise you about the implementation of information and communication technologies to improve service delivery
  • Advise you about increasing revenue streams through effective financial management and strategic planning.

Our medical accountants help you become a strong competitor in the market and realise the pharmacy of the future vision.