GP Practice Accounts

Primary care delivered by GPs has been the subject of intense debate and scrutiny. GPs face many challenges, as primary care experiences some of the most profound changes since the creation of the NHS.

Our medical accountants work with your GP practice to maximise profitability and service delivery, we:

  • Prepare your GP practice accounts and analyse how the practice can optimise profitability and service delivery
  • Advise you about GP mergers, super-partnerships, multi-practices, and federations or networks.
  • Help you prepare and win NHS tenders.
  • Help you develop strategies to grow your practice.
  • Advise you about the implementation of information and communication technologies; the new 2014-15 contract requires practices to promote online appointments, repeat prescriptions and access to the Summary Care Record (SCR).
  • Identify the services and infrastructure necessary to maximise your QOF points.
  • Identify the most suitable contractual routes, exploring the General Medical Services (GMS), Personal Medical Services (PMS), Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS), Specialist Personal Medical Services (PMS) and Enhanced Services contracts.

Medical Accountants Portal