Dental Practice Accounts

The dentistry market has grown rapidly. It grew by 90 per cent between 1999/2000 and 2009/10 and it’s estimated to be worth around 6 billion per year.

A growing market combined with regulatory changes, means competition between dental practices will get fiercer. Proposed changes to the NHS dental contract are designed to improve patient care by increasing competition.

Reducing the barriers for market entry and making it easier for existing practices to expand their operations will create new opportunities for entrepreneurial dentists. Consequently Dentists will have to further integrate business strategy into their practice if they are to grow and survive.

Our medical accountants aim to help dental practices navigate the complexity of running their practice by providing specialist accountancy, tax and strategy consulting services. Our medical accountants work with your dental practice to maximise profitability and service delivery, we:

  • Help your dental practice become a limited company while maintaining your existing NHS contract.
  • Advise upon setting up your own dental practice, whether itӳ buying a dental practice or starting a completely new dental practice.
  • Help you develop strategies to grow your dental practice.
  • Help you prepare and win NHS dental tenders.
  • Advise you about the implementation of information and communication technologies to improve service delivery.